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spirtstista tayo!


There are many friends ive met in school actually too many to mention.I will just tell you about those friends who are closest to me. These are the SPIRITSTISTA TAYO!!. these group which wew formed was the closet friends ever. there are five members one them is me of course. Jean Irene Galdo she is the leader of the group. We gave her the title MOTHER QUEEN. We got the title mother queen from the show meteor garden where the mother of dao ming si is called the QUEEN MOTHER. we gave her the title because like dao mings si's mother her orders are strictly carried out. Take note do not make Irene mad cause she gets wild when she is mad. But if in case cannot be avoided then the best thing to be done is to RUN, TAKBO, MUDAGAN. Charlane Vallar & Jessa Armecin. they are the cutest in our group. They are very good and dancing specially when paired with each other. Our most memorable dance was when we are told to dance in our MAPEH. we chose to dance choopeta by t-rio. Manilyn Yancha she is the most shy in our group dili baga ug dagway. she is shy in almost all things. We call her yachang. name of a famous comidiane.the 5th member is of course me (i will not explain because i have already have a profile in the link about me). Jeffy tomarong he is not a member of the group but we consider him the sfogs of our group (for more info on what is sfogs just visit but we join him in gigs(laag) etc. we are classmates on first year high but were separated on th e second year but the barkada trip continues.

(if you want to get in touch with us just visit us on 2nd year building 2nd floor misamis oriental general comprehensive high school velez cagayan de oro or call me at 09276599539)